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Born in Austin, TX. Making new noise in the Portland, OR area.

Hello and thanks for checking out Modern Mythology Studio! Specializing in recording, mixing and mastering as well as various other artistic offerings. Check out the services listed below and feel free to contact me to talk about how we can bring your next big or little thing to the ears of everyone.

Need something audio related that isn't listed in my services? Please contact me and we'll talk about how I can help.

Latest Release:

Beast Mountain - Cryptozoology


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Flexible Rates per Project

Demo and Album Recording

You bring the noise and I've got the rest. We will work together to capture the magic you create. Bring in your own gear or utilize the equipment in the studio. Let's get those songs out of your head and into everyone else's!

Commercial Jingles

Need a catchy tune for your advertising or media creations? Let me craft a tune that will leave your listeners singing it to their coworkers. Sure, they may get annoyed by Steve's singing but they won't forget your tune. At least he isn't microwaving tuna in the break room.

Music Beds / Soundtracking

Need some background music for your media? How about tunes for a video game or film work? I'm excited just thinking about it! Just tell me what you need and let's get to work!

Voice Over Work

Need someone that knows his way around a voice over? I've got you covered and you can say that again. No really, say it again. We need a few takes to chose from.

Miscellaneous Recording

Does it make noise and you want it recorded? Then talk to me. We'll find a way to make it happen.



Flexible Rates per Project/Song

Mix the tunes we tracked here or bring me something tracked somewhere else. I'll give your hard work the mix it deserves.

Sound Waves


Flexible Rates per Project/Song

So you already baked your ideas into a delicious audio cake and now you need that fantastic icing. I'll put on that last layer that leaves everyone coming back for more. Who's hungry?



Flexible Rates per Project

I offer a variety of services in Audio Restoration and Enhancement. Transfer and clean up audio from old audio formats like vinyl and cassette. Remove unwanted sounds from live recordings. Reduce background sounds, clicks and hums. Let me know what you've got and I'll let you know what I can do!




Playing guitar is really fun but many people have trouble picking it up. My aim is to get you past that hurdle with consistent and fun lessons that are tailored around what you want to play. Any age that is ready to learn is welcome!

Guitar Strings


$25/per guitar

Hey, that's a sexy looking guitar you got there. Does it sound as good as it looks? It will after I get my hands on it.


Audio has always been something special to me. I know that sounds trite but it's true. It's a language that can speak without words. Sounds can tell their own stories and I realized when I was young that I wanted to be a storyteller, and I want everyone else's story to be heard as well. We all have something important inside of us. I want to know your sonic story and help you get it out. Someone else might need it.


Fill out the form, send me an email to the address below or give me a call. I know, I know, talking to strangers over the phone is hard but we're in this together and there's nothing I enjoy more than talking audio. Let's make something we're all proud of!


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